Peer-reviewed Articles describing primary data:

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Shlezinger N, Eizner E, Dubinchik S, Minz-Dub A, Tetroashvili R, Reider A,  Sharon A (2014). Measurement of apoptosis by SCAN©, a system for counting and analysis of fluorescently labelled nuclei. Microbial Cell 1:406-415.


Shlezinger N, Israeli M, Mochly E, Oren-Young L, Zhu W, Sharon A (2016). Translocation from nuclei to cytoplasm is necessary for anti A-PCD activity and turnover of the Type II IAP BcBir1. Molecular Microbiology, 99:393-406.


Shlezinger N, Irmer H, Dhingra S, Beattie SR, Cramer RA, Braus G, Sharon A and Hohl TM.  (2017) Sterilizing immunity in the lung relies on targeting fungal apoptotic-like cell death pathways. Science, 6355:1037-1041.


Peer-reviewed review Articles:

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Sharon A, Shlezinger N (2013). Fungi Infecting Plants and Animals: Killers, Non-Killers, and Cell Death. PLoS Pathog 9:e1003517.


Book chapters

Shlezinger N, Fites JS, Klein BS, Hohl TM.(2019). ‘Fungal Bioreporters to monitor outcomes of Aspergillus – host cell interactions. Host-fungal interactions: Methods and protocols. Springer, Boston, MA.


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